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for eligible Members of
American Military Retirees Association

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CHAMPVA Overview

Do You Need a Tricare Supplement ?

The AMRA CHAMPVA Supplement Plan Provides
You With The Protection You May Need When
A Serious Covered Accident Or Sickness Occurs

The AMRA CHAMPVA Supplement Plan, when combined with your CHAMPVA benefits, is designed to provide you with the protection you need when you need it.

The AMRA CHAMPVA Supplement Plan will pay your cost share for both covered inpatient and outpatient medical expenses after you satisfy the calendar year plan deductible of $250 per person, $500 family maximum.

Take a moment now to read the details. Then enroll today to give your family the additional protection of the AMRA CHAMPVA Supplement Plan that complements your CHAMPVA benefits.

  • Helps Pay Your Inpatient and Outpatient Cost Share

  • Convenient Monthly Payment Option

Guaranteed Acceptance
subject to Pre-existing condition limitations

Satisfaction Guaranteed

It's easy to enroll in the CHAMPVA Supplement Plan. Just complete the online Enrollment Form - making sure to provide all information requested - and return it with your check for the first premium payment. That's all there is to it! You cannot be turned down for coverage, although a pre-existing condition may initially limit the extent of your CHAMPVA Supplement Plan coverage. After your completed Enrollment Form and first premium payment have been processed, you'll receive a Certificate of Insurance which you can examine for 30 day free look. Return it for a full refund if you are not completely satisfied.

Important Notice

This CHAMPVA Supplement Plan coverage is available to AMRA members and their dependents only. If you are not a member of AMRA, it is easy to become one. To enroll for association membership, please visit AMRA's web site at Following processing of your enrollment AMRA will send you an email with your member ID number. Write your AMRA member number on the supplement plan enrollment form. If unable to enroll online, you may complete the membership application form and mail it along with the supplement plan enrollment form. Be sure to include a separate check made payable to AMRA for the membership fee. The annual membership fee is $25.

*Please Note*
This product is currently unavailable
in the following states:

Good News ! - Vermont is now AVAILABLE.

This plan is sponsored by:
American Military Retirees Association is a non-profit corporation dedicated to protecting the benefits of all military retirees and veterans regardless of rank, or branch of service.
American Military
Retirees Association

Administered by:

ASI - Association and Society Insurance Corporation
(Doing business in California and Texas as
ASI Insurance Services;
in Virginia as ASI Administrators Inc.)
Underwritten by:

Monumental Life Insurance Company, Cedar Rapids, IA
Transamerica Financial Life Insurance Company,Harrison, NY
Transamerica companies

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