Supplement Plan

for eligible Members of
American Military Retirees Association

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CHAMPVA Overview

Do You Need a Tricare Supplement ?

Here’s How The CHAMPVA
Supplement Plan Works to Help Pay
Covered Expenses After CHAMPVA Pays

Covered Care Required
CHAMPVA Supplement Plan Pays
Inpatient Services
Confinement in civilian hospital
or skilled nursing facility
DRG* rate, less the
beneficiary cost share
The lesser of (1) $535/day,
times the number of inpatient days
(2) 25% of the billed amount,
or (3) the DRG* rate
Inpatient Services
Non-DRG* based
75% of the Allowable Amount
25% of the Allowable Amount
Inpatient Physician Services
Visits, surgeons,
anesthesiologists, etc.
75% of the Allowable Amount
25% of the Allowable Amount
Outpatient Services
Office visits,clinics, laboratory and
pharmacy services, durable medical
equipment (non-VA source)
75% of the Allowable Amount**,
after the CHAMPVA Annual
Outpatient Deductible
25% of the Allowable Amount
We will pay the Inpatient and Outpatient covered medical expenses once the Calendar Year plan deductible of $250 per person and $500 family maximum has been satisfied. Expenses incurred to satisfy the CHAMPVA Calendar Year Outpatient deductible cannot be used to satisfy the CHAMPVA Supplement Plan deductible.
* Diagnosis Related Groups (DRG). An agreement between most hospitals and CHAMPVA to accept a fixed rate for inpatient care regardless of the billed amount

Confined or confinement means being an inpatient in a hospital (or skilled nursing facility) due to sickness or injury.
And skilled nursing facility does not mean:
a) a hospital; or
b) a place for rest, custodial care, or the aged; or
c) a place for the treatment of mental disease, drug addicts or alcoholics.

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