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Eligible Spouse: "Spouse" means your spouse who is under age 65 and a CHAMPVA benefits recipient, but not a spouse from whom you legally separated or divorced. "Spouse" also means widow(er) if he or she is a member of the Participating Organization.

Spouses over age 65 are also eligible if documentation from the Social Security Administration certifying their non-entitlement to Medicare Part A benefits is submitted with their enrollment form.

Eligible dependents and unmarried children under age 18 (23 if a full-time college student) may also enroll.

Effective Date

Coverage for dependents becomes effective on the first day of the month following receipt of your Enrollment Form and first premium payment.

Covered Dependent Effective Date

Subject to the Deferred Effective Date provision, an Eligible Dependent will become covered by the Policy on the Certificate Effective Date that first shows coverage for him or her.

Your coverage is shown on your Schedule of Insurance.

Deferred Effective Date

If on the date that an Eligible Dependent is to become covered under the Policy he or she is confined in a Hospital, coverage of such person will be deferred until the first day after he or she is discharged.


Your coverage is renewable to age 65, as long as premiums are paid on time, everyone remains eligible, and the Master Policy remains in effect, no one can be individually canceled. So even if you or a covered dependent develops a serious health condition in the future, the coverage will not terminate, provided these conditions are met.

Pre-Existing Conditions Limitations

Any injury or sickness whether diagnosed or undiagnosed, for which a covered person received medical care or treatment within the 6 month period preceding the effective date of his or her insurance will not be covered until the coverage has been in effect for 6 months. However, new conditions will be covered immediately.

Change of Policy Premium

We have the right on each Premium Due Date to change the rate at which premiums will be calculated. This includes the right to change premium rates for a benefit thar applies to all individuals of the same class, age, plan and effective date. Rates may be changed based on claims experience of the Policy. We will give the Policyholder of Organization notice of any change at least 45 days before the Premium Due Date on which it is to become effective.

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